About Shelby

Shelby Ketchen

Founder & CEO

My Story

The Basics

Hi. I’m a remarried widow, mom, Jesus follower, dorky weirdo and so much more! I love rom-coms and blow-’em-up action flicks. I don’t get slapstick comedy. I might have been known to fall out of a booth at a diner from laughing so hard. People are hard to pigeonhole, aren’t they? It’s a part of what makes us so fascinating. 

My Who

Women who coach, write and speak in order to change the world for the better and to help others be their best and truest selves. Those women are my tribe. I have a special affinity for women who have come-from-behind stories whether the “behind” is illness, age, finances, etc. If you’re scrappy and bootstrapping your business, I’ve been there and done that and I want to help.

My Why

I’m passionate about helping women with their coaching, writing and speaking. I’m a certified (3 certifications) coach, but my true passion is to help you behind the scenes. The dorky weirdo side of me loves to play with tech, research, and figure out how to make things work.

That side of me was amplified in 2015 when I became legally blind. I’m grateful to live here and now. All the technology that helps me manage my life enables me to help you in your business!!

I absolutely believe that God has given us gifts to use in the world. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the details to the point that we ignore our true calling. I wasted a lot of time doing that. Let me help you not make that mistake.

My How

By whatever means necessary! Well, no, not really. I do have ethics!

My how is about helping you to make connections with clients and other people. Connections and community are my things and that passion comes in many forms that might benefit you:

○ Video Help
○ MemberVault Help
○ Blog/Facebook Help
○ Gold Nugget Mining
○ Managing Email Marketing

I would love to hear your dreams and your struggles. Even if we don’t work together, maybe we will be great friends. Or maybe you’ll leave our talk with a little bit of clarity or encouragement that you were needing.